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What does Vinh Coach on?

Presentation/ Showmanship Training 

With this training module Vinh will help you build self confidence and self esteem in the way you present yourself in life and work. He will teach you this is a fun and engaging way - with magic. You will learn magic with Vinh 1 on 1 for the first few weeks and then he will take you out into the city to perform to complete strangers. In the process of doing this you will learn:

- Magic
- How to use magic in networking situations to create a point of difference
- How to approach 
- How to deal with failures 
- and of course Self confidence Presentation skills 

Many clients have said Vinh's found a way to make medicine taste good! 

This is a 4 week course you will see Vinh once a week for 3 weeks and on the final week you will be going to a public location to find the performer in you! Vinh often says 'Life is a stage, so give it your best performance each and every time!'

Life Coaching/ Mentoring

After spending the last 2 years in the motivational and inspirational speaking industry it has given Vinh a deep insight into how we all work as individuals. As a result of this Vinh now coaches many clients on:

- Goal setting
- Being more positive
- Problem solving
- Creativity & Clarity 
- Following your dreams
- Business ideas

Vinh won South Australia's Young Entrepreneur of the year in South Australia in 2013, he was only able to win this with the help of being mentored by some of the best minds in SA. If you are looking for someone to help you move forward in life and succeed, give Vinh a call and see how he can help! 


Network like a professional

Being a magician for the last 15 years Vinh has learnt the best 'Tricks' to perform in a networking situation to create the best first impression on people. He has been experimenting with this theory for many years now and claims his success in all his businesses is achieved via his ability to network with important people and leave long lasting impressions. Vinh has said to media and many people his secret weapon is his magic. As a result of building successful businesses with this unique set of skills, Vinh has create a course where he will hand pick and teach you the best magic tricks that you can perform at networking events to engage and pull in new potential business. 

Vinh has taught these techniques to; lawyers, accountants, doctors, pharmacists and event life coaches etc. It doesn't what line of work you are in there are just so many different ways you can work magic in to help you create a strong point of difference in what you do.