Meeting my new mentor and friend

Sharing the stage with an amazing Entrepreneur and Speaker

Sharing the stage with an amazing Entrepreneur and Speaker

I want to share with you a little story, it is story’s like this that really make me believe there is a strange force out there in the universe. This all began on October 3rd 2013 when I got an email late in the evening from Anna who is the consultant from Saxton that looks after my speaking engagements, it read:

Hey Vinh, 

How’s it all going? Are you settling into your new house nicely?

The team had lunch with one of our speakers (Matthew Michalewicz) during the week that is based out of South Australia and is doing great things!! If you don’t mind, we’d love to ‘virtually’ introduce you both. Matthew is also a closeted fan of magic and illusion! J

Also, be great to have a coffee when you’re next in Sydney so we can discuss Michael (the speaker you were enamoured with at ‘Wired’), how 2014 is looking and maybe putting some action plans in place for more school work.

I hope you’re really well and I’m sure we’ll talk soon.



Now I have to tell you at this point I only have heard of Matthew through other Entrepreneurs who were saying that this amazing guy has achieved amazing success! I left this email and didn’t reply to Anna. The next morning I was doing an opening keynote at an event called South Start for Entrepreneurs and when I got there I had the biggest shock of my life. I was about to share the stage with Matthew Michalewicz! I could not believe that the evening before I got an email telling me that I should seek this man out and then here he was! I remember walking straight up to Matthew and telling him I need to take a photo of him and I so I could send it to Anna and the team at Saxton’s to show them how serendipitous this was!

After this Matthew and I got in contact and we scheduled a coffee the following week and long story short we got on like a house on fire, I really felt sorry for people who were present in the cafe where we met. We were so loud I felt like people were about to come up to us and kick us out! After this one meeting we met again and it was at this point that Matthew invited me to travel around Australia with him to speak at his book launches (keep in mind at this point he has never seen me speak before and has no idea what my magic is like). I jumped at the idea and agreed!

We then traveled to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. A friendship was born and Matthew started to mentor me on so many things, I believe that it’s so important to have a mentor in one’s life. The one thing that mentors are able to do that I find completely amazing is that they are able to help you do things you never thought were possible. I am currently an exclusive speaker with Saxton Speakers Agency because Matthew gave me an amazing recommendation. Also I am presenting at AIME (The Asia-Pacific Incentives and Meetings Expo), this is the largest international business expo in Australia and I get the opportunity to speak to a whole group of event planners -

I feel very lucky to have such amazing people in my life and it made me realise that it really isn’t luck. The people we have in our lives is a result of who we are, it’s so strange how this happens but if you focus on being the best you can be what will happen is the following. You will be like a lighthouse beaming out into the universe (ok I know this sounds weird but it’s a metaphor! haha) , this light will let everyone know your values and beliefs etc and from this you will attract people who have similar values and beliefs as you.

Ps. Those of you who don’t know Matthew, he is an amazing Entrepreneur who did the accomplished success in a place where everyone thought was impossible – South Australia. If you get a moment definitely check out his new book “Life in half a second” at