Our Magic show rehearsal was a success!

Vinh Giang

Vinh Giang on stage

Last year I was able to achieve one of my biggest dreams in life – to have my own magic show. It was a huge success last year at the Adelaide Fringe where we had 14 sell out shows. This year the Adelaide Fringe has put their faith in us and gave us a full run of 29 shows which means just over $200,000 worth of tickets to sell. For this reason since last year September I have been starting to prepare for the magic show this year, we have decided to call the show Deception. The show is about the journey of a magician, why does someone get into magic? What road blocks do they hit? What lessons do they learn? This is something that I’ve always felt is very beautiful but because of the secretive nature of magic this journey is never shown to the general public. This is the one show where as a magician I will be very honest about how dishonest I will be.

Last year our very first show was a disaster because we didn’t rehearse properly and didn’t have a stage manager etc. This year looking back and learning from all of our lessons we decided to put on a TEST show where we invited 200 people that we knew to the Urban Myth Theatre and we essentially did a full run of our show. The audience LOVED the show!! I am feeling very confident this year and feel like we are about to take our magic to the next level. The art of magic is about continually improving, as a magician we always strive to enhance the experience we are able to bring to our audiences. Not only is this very important in magic I feel it’s very important in business, in my online business we focus a lot on the customer experience which has been a big reason why we’ve been successful. I love the synergies between the world of magic and business it’s really uncanny.


Reflecting upon 2013..

Sitting in my dream car

Sitting in my dream car!!

I did a little reflecting with my journey in magic today and wanted to share with you all the thoughts I had running through my mind 

In 2009 I was in my final year of Accounting at the Adelaide University, I was doing placement at an accounting firm and it was in that experience that I learned I was in the wrong profession. It wasn’t just a feeling of bordem or discomfort it was my entire mind and soul repelling what I was doing (quite an intense feeling to be honest and no jokes implied here!). I realised in that moment that I have neglected my dreams and passions in life for far too long. I was about to commit my self to a life of doing something that I hated, to make money that I didn’t need, to buy things I didn’t want so that I could impress people I didn’t care about – it completely didn’t make sense to me . This hit me at 100 kmph smack bang in the face, I pretty much had a early life crisis. That very week I went into University and quit my degree with 1 year left, to me the purpose of being alive is to do what you love and are passionate about, I felt so strongly about this and was not about to settle for anything else. People often search for the meaning of life or the purpose of life etc but what they don’t realise is that the meaning and purpose of life is what you make it. You don’t find the meaning to life, you create the meaning with the decisions that you make.

There I was 22 and starting my career as a magician, I had about $50,000 of savings (thank goodness my parents instilled great saving habits in me). This mean’t I had a runway that was about 2 years long, I can say that this was the most exhilarating and amazing time of my life, I felt like I broke free of the mould and was pursing a life that I’ve always wanted. Don’t get me wrong, it was one of the most difficult journeys in my life I failed so many times but with passion by my side and an amazing family I’ve been able to get to where I am today. Today I’ve been able to build a successful online business called Encyclopedia of Magic and last year won South Australian Young Entrepreneur of the year 2013, I am a professional speaker and have spoken at over 100 events last year all over Australia and Asia. Last but not least I am on my way to becoming the best Magician I can be, last year in 2013 put on 14 shows at the Adelaide Fringe for over 2,000 people and won the Top Reviewed show and Top voted for show awards. This year in 2014 the Fringe have given us the opportunity to put on 29 shows performing for over 7,000 people in total and I am now on track to travel and perform internationally.

*Quick disclaimer: There is 100% nothing amazing about me, I was the one oriental kid at school that was bad at maths, I did year 12 twice, I moved schools 4 times in 5 years and the list goes on. I’m just a normal guy who was born and lives in Adelaide, again nothing that special about me but there’s something very special in the lesson I am about to share with you.

The message here is simple, in life I feel like we are all getting ready at the start line of a race. You know when you are on the race line and you’re about to run your heart out! and there’s an umpire who yells “Get ready – get set……GO!”. Here’s the problem, I feel like so many of us in life get ready and get set but we never go. We spend so much time planning about what we want to do, it might be fitness goals, financial goals or simply spend more time with family goals. We spend so much time getting ready to do these things but we just never GO! I guess I just wanted to share with you what happened the moment after I said GO, sure there were a lot of challenging and scary things but imagine the life you are not living as a result of not going. Find one thing that you want to do this year in 2014 and give yourself the permission to GO! and fire that gun at the start line and run your hardest.

“A ship in the harbour is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for..”


Mentors are vital to ones success

Training with an amazing mentor of mine.

Training with an amazing mentor of mine.

People say pictures say a thousand words and that statement could not be more true. In this picture is an amazing entrepreneur named Matthew Michalewicz, I’ve been lucky enough to call this man a mentor and friend for the last few months. Matthew made me realise how important being healthy is, since I became a speaker I lost a lot of my balance in life. I feel a little embarrassed to say this but why not! When I started my speaking career I was a healthy 80kg after one and a half years I am now 86kg…. All that eating at odd hours and flying etc really threw me off. I got to the point where I couldn’t deny that I was gaining weight as my pants were starting to get really uncomfortable tight!

Matthew was kind enough to take me on board and started training me, I am really proud to say that it’s been 4 weeks since we’ve started training and I’ve lost 6kgs! I really feel like I am ready to kick some goals and finish the end of the year on a high! Thanks Matthew for your support and encouragement!



Meeting my new mentor and friend

Sharing the stage with an amazing Entrepreneur and Speaker

Sharing the stage with an amazing Entrepreneur and Speaker

I want to share with you a little story, it is story’s like this that really make me believe there is a strange force out there in the universe. This all began on October 3rd 2013 when I got an email late in the evening from Anna who is the consultant from Saxton that looks after my speaking engagements, it read:

Hey Vinh, 

How’s it all going? Are you settling into your new house nicely?

The team had lunch with one of our speakers (Matthew Michalewicz) during the week that is based out of South Australia and is doing great things!! If you don’t mind, we’d love to ‘virtually’ introduce you both. Matthew is also a closeted fan of magic and illusion! J

Also, be great to have a coffee when you’re next in Sydney so we can discuss Michael (the speaker you were enamoured with at ‘Wired’), how 2014 is looking and maybe putting some action plans in place for more school work.

I hope you’re really well and I’m sure we’ll talk soon.



Now I have to tell you at this point I only have heard of Matthew through other Entrepreneurs who were saying that this amazing guy has achieved amazing success! I left this email and didn’t reply to Anna. The next morning I was doing an opening keynote at an event called South Start for Entrepreneurs and when I got there I had the biggest shock of my life. I was about to share the stage with Matthew Michalewicz! I could not believe that the evening before I got an email telling me that I should seek this man out and then here he was! I remember walking straight up to Matthew and telling him I need to take a photo of him and I so I could send it to Anna and the team at Saxton’s to show them how serendipitous this was!

After this Matthew and I got in contact and we scheduled a coffee the following week and long story short we got on like a house on fire, I really felt sorry for people who were present in the cafe where we met. We were so loud I felt like people were about to come up to us and kick us out! After this one meeting we met again and it was at this point that Matthew invited me to travel around Australia with him to speak at his book launches (keep in mind at this point he has never seen me speak before and has no idea what my magic is like). I jumped at the idea and agreed!

We then traveled to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. A friendship was born and Matthew started to mentor me on so many things, I believe that it’s so important to have a mentor in one’s life. The one thing that mentors are able to do that I find completely amazing is that they are able to help you do things you never thought were possible. I am currently an exclusive speaker with Saxton Speakers Agency because Matthew gave me an amazing recommendation. Also I am presenting at AIME (The Asia-Pacific Incentives and Meetings Expo), this is the largest international business expo in Australia and I get the opportunity to speak to a whole group of event planners -

I feel very lucky to have such amazing people in my life and it made me realise that it really isn’t luck. The people we have in our lives is a result of who we are, it’s so strange how this happens but if you focus on being the best you can be what will happen is the following. You will be like a lighthouse beaming out into the universe (ok I know this sounds weird but it’s a metaphor! haha) , this light will let everyone know your values and beliefs etc and from this you will attract people who have similar values and beliefs as you.

Ps. Those of you who don’t know Matthew, he is an amazing Entrepreneur who did the accomplished success in a place where everyone thought was impossible – South Australia. If you get a moment definitely check out his new book “Life in half a second” at



Young Entrepreneur of the Year!

Young Entrepreneur of the Year SA

It’s almost been 3 years since I started Encyclopedia of Magic with my best friends in life Jeff and Lenny. Tonight as a team we won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in South Australia, it really goes to show that anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it. I look back to 2011 and remember when we first started this business, everyone in our community told us it wasn’t possible and that the idea was silly and stupid. I am so glad we ignored them and pushed on! I often think to my self, imagine we actually listened to those negative people. Where would be be today? So it really got me pondering! What journeys are we simply not pursuing because we “listen to the naysayers?”. Imagine the life we are not living because we allow others to determine what we are capable of! It just doesn’t make sense to me, remember my friends

“It is I who determines my limitations and my past does not dictate my future.” – My father and his brothers always say this.

A quick message to my budding Entrepreneurs. Where ever you are in life, I hope you look at this as a beacon of light from an Entrepreneur to let you know that there is light at the end of this tunnel and it’s totally worth it! Keep pushing my friends, growth and success does not live within the realms of comfort. See you all at the top!

Also, big thanks to Michael from National Accounts for his assistance with my online business and professional speaking, he’s not only a great accountant but an amazing businessman.

Pozible – Magic Show Deception

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 2.05.27 PM

Matt Tarrant and I have create a new magic show for 2014 Fringe. We have been lucky enough to have the Fringe give us one of their largest venues for 28 nights, after our success last year they are giving us massive support! Matt and I decided that we are going to run a Pozible campaign where people can buy tickets and at the same time support us in producing this show. We are so excited to bring you Deception, this show will focus on modern day deceptions that use the techniques of a magician. If you have a few minutes spare and want to see some visual magic, click on the link and watch the video :) If you can please help support us make this show become a reality!


Asia here I come again!


I did not think I would have the opportunity to come back to Asia again this year, I was booked via referral from the last event I did. This time I went back to Vietnam to do 3 conferences, I worked for Tetra Pak, Vinasoy and QNS. These companies turn over 100s of millions a year, it was such an honour to be invited to be apart of their conference and workshops. It amazing how much we connected, I was able to add so much value by showing the teams how much we can achieve in life just by looking at things from different perspectives. More so it amazes me that the one thing that stops us from achieving great things is life is our psychology, the way we think. It was such a great feeling to be able to contribute to my parents home country! They treated me so well, I really need to go on a diet after coming back. The food was delicious and I am pretty sure I stayed in one of the best hotels in the world. There were 750 staff members servicing 170 rooms!?

Before I left I was already booked by another 2 companies for later this year. The door I have just opened is amazing, a big thanks again goes out to my agent Trish! You are amazing!



One of my biggest dreams was to buy a beautiful home for my parents. My parents are the main reason that I am where I am today, when I was younger and I wanted to be an Entrepreneur, everyone in my small community looked down on me. Everyone thought I was being foolish pursuing what I loved, I was told constantly that I should pursue a stable job and even though I wasn’t passionate about it, it was the right thing to do. My mother and father on the other hand pushed me in the other direction, they always said to me “Just do what you love son, we’ll be your safety net and stepping stone. If you fall we’ll catch you”. They sure did catch me, I failed in business so many times since the age of 14, however they have never stopped supporting me.

My love for my family is unconditional and this week I have finally purchased my family the home that they have always deserved. Ironically this was all made possible because I am now doing something that I am 1000% passionate about and love! I still have moments where I am on the plane and I just simply can not believe that I am doing what I am doing. I love my job so much and now it’s given me the ability to provide such wonderful things for my family, I can’t wish for anything more. Thank you to all the people who I have crossed paths with in my life who has supported me and pushed me along when times were tough. There’s nothing special about me but there’s something very special about the support from family and friends and with this love and support anything is possible in life.

Quote of the week:

“I honestly think it’s better to be a failure at what we love rather than be successful at what we hate.”

- George Burns


Motivational speaking for students


I love working together with students, the best thing about young adults is that their beliefs are not too heavily ingrained in them. Their inner child is still very much present, it’s such an amazing feeling to be able to open up their minds to the possibilities that lie before them! It’s one of the most fulfilling things that I do in my life, to be able to inspire just one student means I change that kids entire life and as a result he will inspire others. It’s such a beautiful thing.

I was told by my speaking agency that the feed back was amazing and that some of the students said that “It was the best day of my life!”. Some of the comments that my agent told me made her cry! Wow.. I am just overwhelmed that I am able to do what I truly love in life and it has such a strong impact on those around me. This is what living is all about, it’s not about the money or material things but it’s about helping one another. Helping someone else gives us the best feeling in the world. Thank you to all those who have always supported me to get to where I am today, I am so fulfilled and happy :) LIFE IS JUST AMAZING!!

Moving forward in 2013 I hope to be able to work more closely with High Schools and Universities around Australia.


Bears and Bulls event!


Bulls and bears event

Just last week I was able to work together and help perform magic at a Bulls and Bears Charity Ball. It was such a fun night, I was invited by an associate at the Adelaide Rotary club, from the picture above you can see how beautiful the theme was! I was able to try out some of my new effects on the night and got amazing reactions. As a magician sometimes we can become complacent with our magic, we do the same thing over and over again. After a while we become bored with the magic that we perform and as a result we are no longer fresh. This is why I like to always learn new material to keep things fresh and new, not only for my spectators but also for myself! I believe this is the reason why I keep on getting work through word of mouth as a keynote speaker and a magician. I don’t even advertise at all yet my diary is constantly full. This just reminds me that we should always reach further than we can grasp, it’s how we grow!

Amazing evening, thanks Bulls and Bears for having me!